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Travel. Learn. Create.

Architectural Atmospheres

Are you curious about the topic of Atmospheres in Architecture

Would you love to learn more about it, but you don’t know where or how to find further information?

Would you like to travel to Europe and visit the work of great masters, but the current conditions or your personal situation don’t allow it?

Would you like to improve your artistic skills and make digital collages with a strong sense of atmosphere?

Do you want to improve your portfolio to apply for study abroad scholarships or to your favorite office?

Are you thinking about how to communicate better your ideas to get more clients?

Do not Worry!

This is Why we Create a Unique Learning Experience for you.

Welcome to

Travel, Learn, Create


1st Virtual Grand Tour through Architectural Atmospheres


Learn from the Masters

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Travel to Visit more than 10 Master Buildings in Europe.


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Get Exclusive Access to Bibliography and Special Content about Atmospheres on Architecture.


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Take part in 8 Master Classes about Atmospheres on Architecture.

Apply to your Projects

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Discover Tools to Design Spaces with the 5 Senses.


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Learn step-by-step How to Create Interior and Exterior Artistic Digital Collages with a Specific Atmosphere.


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Enjoy 8 Master Classes on Advance tools for Sketchup, Vray and Photoshop.

"Architecture has always been learned by traveling."

'Virtual Grand Tours', An alternative for the XXI Century

Unfortunately current conditions restrict our freedom. Among many other things, something as simple as traveling from one place to another has become almost impossible, at least challenging.

At the same time, the conditions open the opportunity to invest time and energy in what we are really curious and passionate about. It seems to be the right time to open up to new and unexpected experiences.

This course offers an alternative learning adventure that combines travel, theory and practice. The aim is to continue with a disciplinary tradition of learning architecture through traveling. And at the same time it creates a practical way to apply the knowledge in our individual design process.

We cannot anticipate the future scenario of the current situation, but meanwhile, let's continue learning by traveling and learning by doing!

About the course

The understanding and the recovery of the tradition of learning traveling on architecture make this course unique. We invite you to experience a repertory of buildings and atmospheres as materialized lessons, reflecting on ways and means by which they were made. In parallel, you will explore how to apply the new knowledge to an architectural project.

The course will not offer recipes or copy-paste solutions, but principles for the design of ​​spaces and buildings with a strong sense of atmosphere.

The course is composed of 2 seminars per week:

1. Study Trip

MasterClasses about Architectural Atmospheres

2. Digital-Collages Workshop

How to Apply the Principles of Atmosphere to the Creation of Artistic Digital Collages

The total duration is 8 weeks. (16 online lessons)


Week 1

Study Trip: Introduction to the Concept of Atmosphere in Architecture

Workshop: Presentation of the Project | Why to apply Atmospheres to your Digital Collages

Matter, Form and Structure

Week 2

Study Trip: Learning from David Chipperfield & Hans Döllgast

Workshop: Advanced Vray Materials (Sketchup)

Lights and Shadows

Week 3

Study Trip: Learning from Jørn Utzon & Sigurd Lewerentz

Workshop: Advanced Vray Lights (Sketchup)

Sounds and Silence

Week 4

Study Trip: Learning from Hans Scharoun

Workshop: Listening Atmospheres (Photoshop)


Week 5

MasterClass: Learning from Bruno Taut

Workshop: Spicing Up Atmospheres (SketchUp + Photoshop)


Week 6

Study Trip: Learning from Peter Zumthor (1st Part)

Workshop: Temperating Atmospheres (Photoshop)


Week 7

Study Trip: Learning from Peter Zumthor (2st Part)

Workshop: Smelling Atmospheres (Photoshop)


Week 8

Presentation of Project and Final Review


For whom it is

[Travel to Learn + Learn to Create] is especially thinking for architecture students and architects, designers and creatives interested in:

house icon The topic of atmosphere in architecture.

message icon Curious about travel and learn directly from the buildings of great masters.

image icon Searching for alternatives techniques to imagine and represent their projects.

What is the Project

You will learn step-by-step how to create 2 professional digital collage-style images with a strong sense of atmosphere.

check circle icon Interior

check circle icon Exterior

What you get

calendar check icon Initial 3D SketchUp Model

calendar check icon Support Pictures for Digital Collages

calendar check icon Special Texts and Extra Material.

What you need

arrow right circle icon SketchUp*
arrow right circle icon Installed Vray Plug-in
arrow right circle icon Adobe PhotoShop*
arrow right circle icon Digital Drawing Tablet (optional)

*A brief introduction is included, but basic knowledge is required.

Be part of a Unique Adventure

check circle icon Travel in Times of Pandemic

        check circle icon Visit and Learn directly from Master Buildings

check circle icon Acquire Complex Knowledge in an Easy Way

check circle icon Get Exclusive Access to Bibliography and Ressources

check circle icon Develop New Artistic skills

check circle icon Learn Step-by-Step and Find your own Style

Join from the Comfort of your Home

All for a fraction of the Real Travel Costs


Hola amigos!

I am Matias Grimaldi. Founder of ‘Deep Reading Architecture’. Our learning experiences are born from two personal passions: Travel and Architecture.

For more than five years, I have been traveling through Europe experiencing buildings with special atmospheric qualities, exploring how to learn from them, and applying the knowledge to personal design processes.

We believe that all this has no sense if we do not share it and support other people on a similar pathway. If you are one of them, we hope you join our online adventures and enjoy them as much as we do while creating them.

Big hug and see you soon!

Extras for you

Guest Lectures by Experts

The program is complemented by special lectures of experts about different aspects of atmospheres in architecture. 

Course Certificate

Once completed the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement.


As a reward for your commitment to finish the complete course, you will also receive a special book about one master building.


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